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What you can expect

During the 2×3.5 hours weekend Mindfulness workshop you will be introduced to a wide selection of Mindfulness and heart coherence exercises as well as the theory and tips on how to internalise a mindful attitude into daily life. After this weekend you will know how to do the Mindfulness exercises and how to apply Mindfulness in your daily life.
In a group of min. 4 and max. 9 people you will do the Mindfulness exercises after detailed explanation from me as trainer and followed by sharing experiences, questions and further explanation if required. The workshop has a good build-up as we will start with the more simple exercises focussed on training your attention and connecting to your physical body. Then Breathing exercises and heart meditation (heart coherence) and learning how to connect and listen to the intuïtive intelligence of your heart.
Halfway through both days there will be a tea break to let all the knowledge and experiences sink in and to give us all the opportunity to talk freely in an informal atmosphere.
At the end of both days a printout of all practised exercises and meditations as well as a summary of the theory will be given to all participants.

During the Mindfulness course or workshop we will also be doing Heart coherence training. By practising Heart coherence you can influence your autonomic nervous system resulting in a beautiful harmonious heart rate (see image below). This is what we call a coherent heart rate. When you reach coherence, your immune system, nervous system and hormone system all follow the harmonious rhythm of the heart. This results in you feeling like you are ‘in the flow’ as well as many other benefits as clearer thinking, more energy, more tranquillity and better resilience. When we do the Heart coherence exercises you can see your heart rate on a computer as well as the effect of the exercise as you do it!


Why practise Mindfulness?

Why practise Mindfulness?

During the Mindfulness course at Heartful living you will learn:
– how to focus your attention to living in the NOW
– the skills to more easily recognise what thoughts and feelings you have
– how to have more mastery over your reactions to situations/thoughts/feelings as opposed to reacting automatically.
– how to increase awareness of the ‘automatic pilot’ automatic behaviour patterns and habits.

The effects are:Why practise Mindfulness?
– reduction of stress symptoms
– improved concentration
– less worrying
– less anxiety and fear
– more energy (sleeplessness and fatigue reduced)
– improved self image
– improved coping
– a more intense experience of life bringing more contentment and joy
– greater compassion and empathy
– learning how to shift from from the sympathtic (fight&flight /stress mode) to the Parasympathic (Rest&Digest mode)
– clearer thinking
– better stress coping
– improved work performance